Catching Up

Somehow time keeps flying by, and the blog has been a little more neglected lately.  Here's the latest from our family!
 Kassidy LOVES painting!
 Our first time back to the zoo this spring.
 Loving the beautiful weather and animals (you can see the mountain lion in the background).
 Happy to be outside.
 Chad celebrated his 31st birthday on April 5th.
 Kassidy picked out Peanut Butter M&Ms and a Princess Sophia journal for him.
 The birthday dessert was "Charlie Brown Pie".
 My mom and I planted a bunch of bulbs this past fall and it is so much fun to see them all coming up right now!  Spring has finally sprung!
 Kassidy is getting very good on her balance bike!
 We are living outside lately.  With all the beautiful weather, the majority of our day is spent running around in the fresh air!
 Cameron likes to get in on the action when he can.
Large and in charge!  :)


Drawing People

A couple weeks ago, Kassidy started drawing people.  It just came out of no where.  Watching your kids grow and learn is an absolutely amazing journey.  Parenthood is such a blessing!


11 Months

Cameron just turned 11 months old.  I am having a hard time realizing that he is one month away from his 1st birthday.  Seriously, I have no idea where this year has gone!

At 11 months, Cameron...
- walks along furniture
- crawls all over the house
- has 6 teeth
- loves to laugh
- has a growing opinion, and he'll let you know what he wants
- takes 2 naps and sleeps 11 hours at night
- loves anything that makes a lot of noise (dumping over the bin of legos, banging on anything that sounds fun, dropping toys, throwing toys, etc.)
- throws all his food off his tray when he's finished eating
- can say "mama" and "dada" but really doesn't say much most of the time
- loves his big sister and is much happier if she's around
- loves bath time
- just started playing "peek-a-boo".  It's so stinkin' cute!

We love you buddy!  It has been an amazing 11 months and we cannot wait to see what this next month will bring.  :)


March Happenings

Life just seems to keep on keeping on... Here's an update in pictures.
 Cameron could use a bath after every single meal!
 Kassidy loves her friend Rose!
 Balloons are a huge hit in our house.
 Though he's been sick and teething for much of March, he still remains pretty happy.
 I got a hand-vac for my birthday (which I love), and Kassidy LOVES helping me vacuum.  Win-Win!
 Our church supports the Darby Family in Guatemala.  Jenna happened to be in my 1st grade class at Christian Academy of Guatemala.  She is now a jr. in high school!
 It was a ton of fun seeing what a beautiful young woman Jenna has become.  :)
 Kassidy has been really into building things both with Mega Bloks and Legos.
Why not put hair in curlers?  We are tired of the cold and ready to be able to get outside more!


Grandpa and Nama Pett

Last weekend, my parents came for a long weekend visit.
 The day before they came, I turned 33.  So Kassidy helped my mom bake a chocolate cake to celebrate!
 We weren't actually planning to have birthday cake, but Kassidy couldn't fathom someone having a birthday without cake!
 With all the cold weather, most of the weekend was spent playing inside.
 Kassidy never tires of play mates!
We are so thankful that we see my parents so often, even though we live far away.  Thanks for coming to visit and for celebrating my birthday!