Happy Birthday Kassidy!

Kassidy is FOUR!

On December 3, Kassidy celebrated her 4th birthday.  She chose Dora for her theme!

Every year, my mom makes her a birthday cake.  This year Kassidy was very specific in asking for not just a Dora cake, but a Dora cake with Dora's whole family.  I assured my mom that Kassidy would be happy with any Dora cake she created, but she went above and beyond to make Kassidy's wishes come true.  :)

My parents came for Thanksgiving and stayed for the weekend.  We had a fun celebration while they were here.

Then Chad's parents came Monday night.  We are so glad they are able to make these quick little trips now that we are closer!
 Kassidy was thrilled with her "Doc McStuffins" outfit and twirly skirts from her grandparents.  She LOVES to dress up and changes clothes several times each day.

On her actual birthday morning, she got to open presents from us.

At night on her birthday we had church, so she brought cupcakes to her class.  She loved helping me make them!
 And decorate them!

At four years old, Kassidy...
- loves to help in the kitchen
- enjoys coloring, painting, drawing, and art projects in general
- loves to read books
- is beginning to learn how to spell basic words
- is learning how to write her letters
- is a great big sister (although often helps Cameron get into trouble)
- loves to laugh and be funny
- loves being outside and helping with outdoor projects around the house
- sings lots of different songs
- loves to dress up
- loves watching "shows" and is especially fond of Dora, Doc McStuffins, Clifford, and Peppa Pig
- is extremely strong-willed and wants things to be just so
- is a non-stop bundle of energy
- enjoys her baby dolls and imaginative play
- loves playing with other kids, especially girls who are a little older than her
- enjoys storytime at the library and BSF
- is 42.5 inches tall (95th percentile) and 41.3 lbs. (88th percentile)

Kassidy Joy, you are such a JOY to our lives!  We praise God for you and are so grateful that we get to be your parents.  We pray that you will continue to grow and develop into the person God has created you to be.  We're excited to see what this new year brings.  WE LOVE YOU!


18 Months Old

Ok, so I'm a little late on this one, but as of October 27, Cameron is 18 months old!

At 18 months, Cameron...
- Is full of laughter and tries to be funny all the time
- Climbs on everything!
- Thinks his big sister is the best and constantly follows her around
- Will jump on top of anyone who is laying on the floor
- Loves balls, trucks, and animals
- Wears 2T pants and 2/3T tops
- Would read books all day, every day
- Doesn't say much of anything.  His regular words are: go, no, mama, and uh-oh.  He will once in awhile throw in dada, grandma/pa, dog but really doesn't feel much of a need to say anything.  He can point and shake his head yes/no to communicate almost anything!
- Naps 3 hours in the afternoon and sleeps 8pm-7am at night
- Enjoys the playground, especially going down slides head first
- Has 14 teeth with 2 more trying to break through
- Loves the outdoors
- Is very opinionated and wants to do things his own way
- Is a complete joy to our family!

Cameron Allen, we love you so much!  How can you be 18 months old already?!  We are so thankful that God chose you to be in our family and cannot imagine life without you.  We cannot wait to see how God continues to shape and mold you as you grow.


The Glory of Fall!

We LOVE Fall!
There isn't much about fall that I don't like.  Pulling out the jeans and sweatshirts after a hot summer, the leaves changing to brilliant shades of reds, oranges, and yellows, the comfortable weather to just be outside, the bright blue sky and sunshine...



A Michigan Weekend

This past weekend we were up in Michigan to celebrate our niece Madison's baptism.  We spent a few extra days there to enjoy some time with friends and family!

What's fall without a stop at Crane Orchards?  The kids had a blast and we picked LOTS of apples!

 Of course, we had to have lunch at the restaurant and enjoy hot cider and cider donuts when we were done!

And then the hard work began!  "Aunt Haley" joined us for the applesauce-making extravaganza!  I don't think she quite knew what she was getting herself into.  We canned 35+ quarts and a handful of pints.  We should be set for the year!

On Saturday morning, downtown Holland was having a trick or treating event with their stores.  Anna and Elsa were going to be at one of the stores, so Kassidy was so excited to see them.  In normal Kassidy fashion, she completely froze and refused to go close to them on her own.  But she still talks about how fun it was to see them!  :)
 Getting candy from Olaf!
 My mom happened to have Kassidy's Cinderella dress at her house to fix it and found an old pumpkin costume in the attic, so both kids were dressed for the occasion! 

One of my dad's co-workers has started raising alpaca.  He offered to meet us out at the farm in order to see the alpacas up close.  Cameron LOVED them and tried to run at them the whole time.  We spent most of our time chasing him around, trying to prevent him from being kicked.  He couldn't get enough!  Though Kassidy thought the alpaca were cool, she fell in love with George, the cat!  I am not a cat lover, but this cat was the sweetest cat I've ever seen!

We spent Saturday night at Tri-Ponds Campground visiting our dear friends, the Rietemas!  Cameron stayed home, but Kassidy had a blast with their girls.  Tony and Chad made a huge leaf pile for the girls to play in!  Today Kassidy told me that Sierra and Ellery are like her cousins.  We sure love the time we have to spend with them!

And of course I don't have any pictures of the baptism, which is the whole reason we were there in the first place!  But it was a ton of fun and Madison was cute as can be, even though she cried through most of it.  :)


Hat Boy

Cameron LOVES hats!  He is always grabbing Chad's hats or his own and running around the house with them, squealing in delight.